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Call for Papers, Special Issue on Douglas Walton

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CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue of Informal Logic on the work of DOUGLAS WALTON GUEST EDITOR: DAVID GODDEN Over the last 25 years, Douglas Walton has been a prolific and influential contributor to informal logic scholarship in a great many areas. Besides numerous articles, he has published books on relevance, informal fallacies, dialogue games, fallacy theory, informal logic, argument structure, presumptive argument schemes, practical reasoning, legal argumentation, ethical argumentation, plausible argument, abductive argument, and argument and artificial intelligence, as well as books on particular fallacies or species of argument, including ad hominem, begging the question, slippery slope, emotion, argument from ignorance, ambiguity, appeal to authority, to pity, and to popular opinion, and threats. (This list is not complete.) To recognize the contributions of Professor Walton to informal logic and argumentation theory, Informal Logic invites papers that discuss, critique, develop, engage with or apply some aspect of his work. Among the topics that contributors might address are: • dialectical and dialogic approaches to argument • recent developments in dialogue-based approaches to argument • dialogue and legal argumentation • argumentation schemes • argumentation and computing • abductive reasoning and argument • dialogue-based approaches to fallacy theory Paper submission cut-off deadline: October I, 2006; early submissions are welcomed. Length: maximum of7 ,000 words. Papers are to prepared for blind review and submitted electronically, with "Walton Issue" in the subject line, to: and Please take note of and FOLLOW the instructions for authors found in Informal Logic and on the Informal Logic website:

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