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Two Corners

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  • W751 Pottery


Two Corners is a single artwork that was exhibited in a group exhibition at Marsden Woo Gallery. It is the first output of a project that will culminate in a one person exhibition at Marsden Woo Gallery, 9th May-15th June 2013. This project investigates the development of Moire effects across arrangements of bone china plates where interference patterns are further complicated through application to circular surfaces that are in part three dimensional. To realise this work Smith has referred to the work of Carsten Nicolai and built on some of the findings of an earlier project: Pots-Plates-Chairs, Marsden Woo Gallery 2011. Two Corners consists of a single rectangular image developed by striking arcs at regular intervals from two diagonally opposite corners. This is applied via dgitalally produced decals to two superimposed rows of plates contained within a frame that allows individual plates to be removed and offers the additional potential for use.

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