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On the Soil Temperature and Moisture Controls by Field Irrigation. : (1) Studies on the Control and Improvement of Microclimate in the Farm Field.

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  • Agricultural Science


Field irrigation has a purpose of modification of soil temperature near the ground besides a function of control for soil moisture. We have made a experiment concerning to the control of temperature by irrigation by means of egg plants culture in 11 plots and 2 kinds of soil available shown in Fig.1, and obtained the results as follows. 1) Numbers of fruits harvested and their total weights were different by plots as well as their forms of appearence which were shown in Fig.2 and 3. 2) The harvest time for plants cultivated in sandy soil were much earlier than that of Kanto loam by 10 days or more in our experiment. 3) By temperature diagrams shown in Fig.5-8, we could appreciate the features of daily range of soil temperatures and the courses of hourly change of surface temperatures by each plot. 4) Daily courses of soil moisture content of plots were shown in Fig.9. 5) We could recognize by our experiment the effect of temperature control by irrigation from Fig.7 and Fig.8 and also the influences of straw mutting for control of soil moisture which has an effect for moisture control as in field irrigation.

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