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Možnosti rozvoje nevyužitého potenciálu venkovského cestovního ruchu

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  • Cestovní Ruch
  • Venkov
  • Venkovský Cestovní Ruch
  • Udržitelný Cestovní Ruch
  • Tourism
  • Country
  • Rural Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism


The tourism is an ideal opportunity how to develop rural areas. Tourism can bring to these areas missing capital as well as the development of related sections. It is important to have in mind principles of sustainable tourism. The aim of the present study was to suggest possibilities of development of idle the rural tourism potential of chosen area Pohledsko by analyzing tourism potential in this area. The results displayed that this area has great nature, historical, cultural and societal potential. However, there are troubles with accommodation and catering, which limit the development. One possibility in tourism development is to take part in rural tourism by new farm on Duškův hill. The owner of this farm, Mr. Losenický refuses this opportunity for the present. So the possible way is making a new product of rural tourism for one day. This can be the horse ridding to the countryside.

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