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Developing an online programme

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Developing an on-line programme * * * Developing an on-line programme * * * * * * The Seed of an Idea * * * Global Perspective * * * BIG or small? * * * Consultations and Support * * * The Pedagogy * * * * * * Negotiated Assessment * * * The Virtual Learning Community * * * * * * …never see the tutors face to face * * * * * * “We will fight them in the classrooms …….we will fight them on FaceBook….” * * * How long is a piece of String? * * * The Paperwork * * * What we Learned * * * Plans for the Future Second Life Graduation ceremony Refinements to programme delivery Extreme marketing * * * "Every now and again I start wondering why I ever started this journey. I have also commented, that sometimes I feel I am doing this on my own. However, after having 'one of those moments' recently, I have just trawled through blackboard and read some of the posts on the various wikis etc which you have all contributed to and they have left me feeling really inspired and excited and privileged to be doing this and has made me realise that actually I am not doing it on my own and there is support out there in cyber space! So, if anyone else has 'a moment' of doubt ....try reading through some of our comments!" Change within the profession Development of a profession University Strategy Local vs UK wide/International Widening participation Learning technologies A module vs a programme Blended learning vs totally on line Marketing – difficult to understand whos who Finance ISD – initial support but as things becoming real then problems (not supporting peripherals etc) LT International Office Admissions School PPes Peers Students COT/WFOT etc The teaching and learning is more important than the technology Social constructivist (that students learn best when involved in the development of their own learning. And learn from each other) Negotiated asssessment This is wh

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