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Preliminary Conclusions from the Meeting of CISAC in London, April 1-3, 1989

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Preliminary conclusions from the meeting of CISAC in London, April l-3, 1989. From JL notes, transcribed 4/6/89 The greatest progress was made on agenda Item 1 - delineation of permitted from unpermitted research under the BWC. This clarification is intended to deal with the ambiguity in the BWC about what constitutes amounts and categories of material that have no peaceful use. The general principles in John Steinbruner’s paper of the classification of agents as E(extreme), S(serious) and N(not controlled) was accepted; and in a special working group there was prompt and unanimous agreement about the list of agents and the categories to which they should be assigned. Further discussion is needed on some definitional details as to the units of measure; how different related agents are lumped or split apart; what about commercial proprietary interests; are we talking about national inventories or a single laboratory and so forth. The precise mechanism of dealing with new agents provisionally until such time as they can be classified and agreed upon is also for further discussion. In addition, in connection with this and the next topic the other side brought up what should be the overall verification regime ? Under what circumstances are inspections to be made? We had given no consideration to this, as most of our thought had been directed towards voluntary visits; but we agreed to have some proposals ready for our next meeting in October. Plainly we would be following the lines being set under the CW negotiations. In connection with the overlapping status of toxins I presented the thought that we should do some preparatory work as to the implications of summarily adding all of BW to the control provisions agreed to under CW. How deal with much smaller scale, dual use, undeclared sites? This will probably not be attended to in any other place. (It is not our intention to complicate the ongoing discussions on CW by bringing this up as a formal issue.) Th

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