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The incident of shooting Alastlogo civilian by Marine in Pasuruan happened on May, 30, 2007 is very interest for the mass media in newspaper and magazine or electronic to give a information for the societies in the news. In Indonesia mass media reported this incident, not excepted Jawa Pos and Kompas newspaper along to operate the fungtion as information of media. The information on newspaper must show the truth by fairness, one of one news objectivity which the recognized a cover both side. The relation with problem of news objectivity, researcher interest to carry out about a news objektivity problem by communication media with the title News Objectivity Of The Incident Shooting Alastlogo Member In Pasuruan (The Content Analysis News In Jawa Pos And Kompas Newspaper On May, 31 – June, 09, 2007). Objectivity is etiquette and morality value which is must hold on firm by newspaper in operated journalism profession. The news for show it must can believed and interesting to reader. The news objectivity have relation with information quality to show by mass media is really from event or fact and fill some element such as Relevance, is any relation between content news with the title news. Balance, is to the concept “cover both side” that is balance in informated is to give a opportunity wich same to all side are become news resources. Neutrality, is objektivity aspect can measure with use indication non­evaluatif, yes or noting the blended a fact and a opinion by journalist, and non sensational. With such, objektivity to need to defend credibility mass media in operate fungtion as informated media. Finaly many people hope a news and a informated always have the quality neutral (non evaluatif and factual) or balance from some criteria is attentive on people certain. The method to used in this research is content analysis. Content analysis is a systematic method to study and measure information content. Berelson to define as “the research technique for description on objective, systematic, and quantitative content information which appear”. The type this research is a descriptive comparative research. The space range of this research is news the incident of shooting Alastlogo member in Pasuruan by Jawa Pos and Kompas newspaper onMay, 31 – June, 09, 2007. As unit analysis is paragraph in every news with unit measure is used of amount paragraph is relevance, balance, and neutral is clearly within structure category. The technique collecting data is used of with manner documenting of matter which to be analysis as unit analysis. The technique analysis data which is used in this research is content analysis. The presentation data is with arranging a scale in a series and mentioned of frequency or more be acquainted with technical term of frequency distribution. Have relevance with the direction from research is knowing and clear the objectivity Jawa Pos and Kompas newspaper in to give news is to pear from relevance, balance, and neutrality aspect. From the neutrality aspect, Kompas have fallowed higher is 98,24 % from paragraph fallowed based the fact is 223 paragraph from the total fallowed 227 paragraph, Jawa Pos have fallowed higher is 96,51 % from paragraph fallowed based the fact is 387 paragraph from the total fallowed 401 paragraph. From the relevance aspect, Kompas have enough fallowed high is 90,31 % from paragraph have relevance is 205 paragraph from total fallowed 227 paragraph, Jawa Pos have enough fallowed high is 79,80 % from paragraph have relevance is 320 paragraph from the total fallowed 401 paragraph. As from balance news aspect, that to newspaper seme have a fallowed is very low, for Kompas is 19,98 % and Jawa Pos is 10 %. The total with looked at comparison from the news objectivity aspect, can summing­up that Kompas newspaper have a news objectivity more high than Jawa Pos newspaper.

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