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Chapter IV Hydrologic Storms

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s0074-6142(08)60482-9
  • Earth Science
  • Geography


Publisher Summary This chapter considers hydrologic storms—that is, rainfall and snowfall areas on the earth's surface at areal scales up to about 105 km2 and at time scales to about a week. The spatial analysis of gage reports by depth-area-duration methods or cartographic arrays provides significant information, barring direct measurements of areal precipitation, and makes a marked improvement over the kinds of information obtained from single-station data. Analysis on the spatial scale also elucidates some of the ways in which the terrain—that is, the shapes of the underlying surface, affects storm rainfall, although it also reveals serious defects in the density at which rain gages are deployed in most regions of the earth. The time scale of hydrologic storms is excellent for the analysis of floods and suitable for the drying periods that set in after each storm passes.

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