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Výtvarné řešení kostýmů inscenace s přihlédnutím ke speficice tvůrčího procesu česko-polského projektu

Akademie múzických umění v Praze. Divadelní fakulta AMU. Knihovna
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  • Communication
  • Design


This work aspire to analyse creative process, which led to creation of production Landscape of Memory, Memory of Landscape. The author describes working process based on communication in team and working with links. The author aims to clear up some of links. The author aims to clear up expoitation areas of these links. The author describes plenty of functional examples of her work and wants to find out the process, how she created them. The goal of her reflection is to specify her own criteria of inventive scenographer´s work. This dissertation also speaks about attribution of stage/costume designer and ways how to fill them. The author tryes analyze scenographer´s competency and working process together to find out her own way of work. The author wants to find her own working basis 1) in advacement from theatricality to action art, 2) to eavaluate her work more proffesional in dramatic art 3) to evaluate all her art work.

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