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Adsorption and immobilization of phosphorus from eutrophic seawater and sediment using attapulgite - Behavior and mechanism

  • Xu, Chenglong
  • Feng, Yali
  • Li, Haoran
  • Yang, Yi
  • Wu, Ruifeng
Publication Date
Feb 01, 2023
Institutional Repository of Institute of Process Engineering, CAS (IPE-IR)
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The adsorption behavior of phosphorus on raw sediment (RS), attapulgite (AT), purified attapulgite (PAT) and AT/PAT-amended sediments conforms to the Langmuir, pseudo first-order kinetics and liquid film diffusion model. The adsorption process is spontaneous and monolayer adsorption, and the adsorption rate is mainly controlled by liquid film diffusion. The addition of attapulgite improved the adsorption capacity of phosphorus in the sediments of mariculture ponds. The results of long-term sediment core incubation showed that the average reduction rates of total phosphorus (TP) and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) in overlying water and SRP in pore water by adding 20% purified attapulgite (S/PAT20) were 62.11%, 70.83% and 56.32% respectively, and the phosphorus flux in sediments decreased by 53.81%. The addition of attapulgite reduces the risk of phosphorus release in sediments, and changes sediments from "source" to "pool". The specific surface area and pore volume of PAT increased to 203.254 cm(2)/g and 0.395 cm(3)/g respectively, but the phosphorus adsorption capacity was only increased by 2 times compared with AT (1431.3-2671.8 mg P/kg), indicating that the changes of mineral structure and chemical composition jointly determine the phosphorus adsorption effect. Adsorption mechanisms include physical adsorption, surface chemical precipitation, ligand effects, electrostatic attraction and ion exchange. Therefore, seeking modification methods with low energy consumption, low production cost, no damage to rod crystal, expansion of pore volume, increase of hydroxyl and other functional groups, and great retention of effective components are issues that need to be considered to improve the phosphorus adsorption capacity of attapulgite.

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