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An on-line version of the personal relations index psychological test

International Journal of Man-Machine Studies
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DOI: 10.1016/s0020-7373(85)80059-6
  • Psychology


Originally developed by Mulhall (1977), the “Personal Relations Index” (PRI) used the computer to generate a personalized questionnaire which could be used in mapping an interpersonal relationship. Viewed within the context of the current trend towards automated psychological tests, the PRI stands out as being one which attempts to take advantage of computer capabilities beyond mere automation. The current study sought to overcome the primary disadvantage of the PRI by developing an on-line or interactive version capable of running on the popular Apple II microcomputer. This would eliminate the use of antiquated computer cards, written questionnaires and scoring templates by allowing the user to read the questions on a video screen and to respond to them by pressing particular keys on the keyboard. It would also eliminate the wait for the personalized questionnaire to be produced and the delay before results were available. An additional advantage was that users could be advised by the computer of areas in which results had not reached an acceptable level of significance and they could be given an opportunity of doing these sections a second time. Written in the computer language BASIC, the resulting version of the PRI was developed in close consultation with subjects who had tried out various versions of the program. The interactive testing process appealed to users and test results were found to be internally consistent, as well to demonstrate promising signs of validity on pilot trials.

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