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Originalité géopolitique du Maghreb : des frontières très anciennes au sein d'un même ensemble culturel

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  • Nation
  • Frontiere
  • Geopolitique
  • Histoire Coloniale
  • Route
  • Or
  • Histoire Du Peuplement
  • Islam
  • Guerre
  • Ethnie
  • Royaute
  • Commerce


In North Africa, except for the Saharian regions, the border-lines between Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia are very ancient : seven hundred years and more perhaps. Nevertheless, these three nation-states are parts of the same cultural whole : large Berber groupings with an unequal Arabisation, the same Arabic (Maghrebian) language and the same Malekite Islam rite. Between these three national territories, there is no physical barrier, no ancient conflict, but much interaction over centuries. (Résumé d'auteur)

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