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A Study of Aspects on Gender and Prognosis in Synchronous Colorectal Cancer

Clinical Medicine Insights Oncology
"Libertas Academica, Ltd."
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DOI: 10.4137/cmo.s7871
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Aim: To assess differences in demography, pathology and prognosis with tumor multiplicity in colorectal cancer. Method: A retrospective single centre study of all patients surgically treated for a colorectal cancer during 1999–2008 (n = 2524). Patient characteristics, pathology and follow-up data were retrieved. Survival was assessed by overall and cancer specific survival. Results: 60 (2.4%) patients had a synchronous cancer (SC), associated with right colon, higher age, more assessed lymph nodes but a lower frequency of stage III/IV disease (42% vs. 52%). There was no overall prognostic difference between single or multiple cancer patients but females with SC had better survival than corresponding males (P < 0.046). Conclusion: The incidence of synchronous cancers was 2.4% with the second cancer often located in right colon. The SC patients were older than single tumor patients, had a lower frequency of stage III/IV disease and the females with SC had a better survival prognosis than corresponding males.

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