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Cardiac Output

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BOOK REVIEWS 297 of time the influence of matter on life and mind will gradually become obliterated and replaced by the influence of mind and its transcendent suc- cessors in the great steps of creative evolution." Therefore, "the remote successors of man may be free and independent of matter with infinite possi- bilities of future progress notwithstanding the complete dissolution of the universe." Pure thought, then, is the ultimate verity. AU that we know and see in the universe is but its expression. Or, as Tennyson expresses it- "One far off Divine Event To which the whole creation runs." H. S. BURR. THE HEART RATE. By Ernst P. Boas, M.D., and Ernst F. Goldschmidt, Ph.D., Springfield, Ill., Charles C. Thomas, 1932. This text is an extensive study of the rate of the human heart. Records obtained by the newly developed cardiotachometer from individuals in both health and disease and under numerous conditions of activity are shown. The merit of the authors' method lies in that it places a minimum of restric- tion upon the subject and hence gives reasonably significant records. The average heart rate of normal sleeping males was found to be 59.47, the waking rate 77.8, and the basal rate 61.4. The corresponding rates for females were faster, the sleeping rate being 65.3, the waking rate 83.9 and the basal rate 69.9. The well-known variation in heart rate with muscular activity is shown. During vigorous exertion rates of 200 and above were obtained. In discussing the emotional factor it is pointed out that the maximum pulse rates in surgical patients were obtained just prior to the induction of anesthesia. The authors emphasize the value of observation during sleep, thus minimizing this emotional factor. From a small series of observations menstruation is shown to depress the pulse rate. No records obtained during pregnancy and labor are shown. An extensive bibliography is appended. .. EDWARD J. MANWELL. CARDIAC OUTPUT. By Arthur Grollman, Ph.D., M.D., Springfield, Ill., Charles C

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