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Miracle and hermeneutics: from Franz Rosenzgeig to Paul Ricoeur

Ars Brevis


The general intention of the article is focused on the thought of a subject not very common on the philosophic speech: the field of the miracle as an object of philosophical interpretation, on which making explicit the obvious theological connections of the miracle, allows to explore a field that results strange to the classic rationality. On the one hand, on this field, our work attend to analyze the logic of the individual thought of Franz Rosenzweig around the conception of ‘’miracle’’ , which keeps him away from the hegelian dialect that he knows very good; and on the other hand, to explore deeply in the intellectual and humane complicities between the German philosopher and the complex hermeneutic work from Paul Ricoeur about the subject that we are expounding, starting from the notable knowledge that the French philosopher exhibits about the Rosenzweig thought. On this hermeneutic meeting, we make a brief and precise reference, as an illustrative complement of the mentioned reflection of Paul Ricoeur, to the application that this author makes to two of the main questions of the notion of ‘’miracle’’: the creation and the revelation.

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