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Bank of Yanceyville twenty-dollar note, 1856

North Carolina Collection Gallery, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publication Date
  • Printing Presses
  • Books
  • Lawson
  • John
  • 1674-1711
  • Johnston
  • Thomas D
  • Washington
  • George
  • 1732-1799
  • Baldwin
  • Adams & Co
  • Robert L
  • Bald And Company
  • Fust
  • Johannes
  • 1400-1466
  • Gutenberg
  • Johann
  • 1397?-1468
  • Schöffer
  • Peter
  • Ca
  • 1425-Ca
  • 1502
  • Gutenberg Bible.
  • North Carolina
  • Bank Notes


Twenty-dollar note issued by the Bank of Yanceyville on May 19, 1856; dual engraving and printing credit given below signature lines to Baldwin, Adams and Company, New York, N.Y., and Robert L. Bald and Company of Philadelphia; "XX" in top-right corner, "20" in ornate medallion at bottom left; vignette in upper left of three men in fifteenth-century style European attire conversing amid stacks of books and in background is a printing press and attending workman, below the men in foreground is a flowing ribbon inscribed "FATST [Johann Fust] GUTTENBERG [Johannes Gutenberg] SCHOEFFER [Peter Schoeffer]"; small oval portrait of George Washington in upper-right quarter and portrait of unidentified man (possibly Bank of Yanceyville President Thomas D. Johnston) in bottom-right corner; printed plate letter "A" and handwritten serial number "1677" below Washington's portrait, in bottom portion of note is handwritten issue date "19 May [18]56" above signature of the Bank of Yanceyville's president, Thomas D. Johnston, and to left is signature of the bank's cashier, Joseph J. Lawson.

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