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On Cross-Correlation Evaluation Model of Internet Macroscopic Topology by Genetic Algorithm

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  • Cross-Correlation
  • Internet Topology
  • Topology Evaluation
  • Sls
  • Mathematics


Cross-correlation evaluation model, CCEM, was mainly studied to evaluate how much two different topologies are similar to each other in a quantitative way, and further used in evaluating whether a topology by an Internet topology model is close to real Internet or not. SLS (Signless Laplacian Spectra), is used to quantitatively identify the topology properties of the Internet generated by the model and the Internet out of real measuring. SLS eigenvectors could be gained out of this procedure, then a cross-correlation calculation was performed on the eigenvectors to give the difference identification in a quantitative way. With this, a recommended way of using the CCEM within a Genetic Algorithm was finally given.

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