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Activity Report: PhD 2nd Year / Activity Report: PhD 2nd Year: Study of Qualimetry essentials applied to embedded software product and organization, with consideration to software entropy

  • Argotti, Yann
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Feb 25, 2020
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The purpose of this report is to summarize the second year of research activity related to Yann Argotti’s PhD inside the RISC / ISI group at LAAS-CNRS. This PhD candidate is registered at EDSYS school and INSA Toulouse in “Computer science and embedded systems” specialization track. Claude Baron, RISC / ISI group responsible and Philippe Esteban, member of RISC / ISI group, are co-joint thesis directors. Thesis subject is “Study of Qualimetry essentials applied to embedded software product and organization, with consideration” This second year was the continuity of the first year during which an analysis of the thesis problematic was performed, identifying several road blockers that we started to address mainly from a theoretical point of view. So, this year we began to apply our contributions to qualimetry theory against automotive software development, demonstrating their applicability, interests, and benefits. Moreover, we synthetized the thesis progress over the production of two research papers, one submitted to IEEE Transaction of Software Engineering journal [1] which was unfortunately rejected, but with some constructive feedback, and one to ERTS 2020 conference [2] which was accepted and then presented on end of January 2020 (see Annex for a copy of both papers).In parallel, we initiated a new systematic literature review on quality models related to software product, process and project. The goal of this work is to perform a study not only to build a unique and precise landscape of quality models in this field, but also to create the necessary quality model substrate to decide which model(s) we must be using in order to complete the construction of our solution.Thus, and because this research work is incremental and multi-annual, the next parts of this report are a complement to the 1st year activity report and cover an update of goals we are targeting for this PhD work, an update of our research work organization and a review of our current achievements before concluding.

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