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Active and Emerging Methodologies for Ubiquitous Education: Potentials of Flipped Learning and Gamification

  • belmonte, lópez
  • cabrera, fuentes
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Jan 14, 2020
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Introduction: Nowadays, education is immersed in a process of constant renewal due to the inference of two fundamental facts: The emergence of new technologies and the development of new active methodologies that lead the teaching and learning processes. Methods: A case study was developed to analyze the effects caused in these processes by the implementation of &ldquo / flipped learning&rdquo / and &ldquo / gamification&rdquo / as teaching models / after the implementation of each one, variables such as learning achievement, learning anxiety, motivation, and autonomy were compared. This work was carried out with secondary school subjects (n = 60) of an educational center of the Autonomous City of Ceuta. A descriptive experimental study was carried out. Gamification and flipped learning effects were compared to analyze both their potentials as educational methodologies. Results: The results show the benefits of both methodologies. All measured dimensions increased positively, in accordance with previous studies on the subject. Conclusion: The implementation of both methodologies in the classroom causes an improvement in the students&rsquo / learning processes, in their achievements, and in their enthusiasm.

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