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Activation and IL-10 production of specific CD4+ T cells are regulated by IL-27 during chronic infection with Plasmodium chabaudi

  • Sukhbaatar, Odsuren
  • Kimura, Daisuke
  • Miyakoda, Mana
  • Nakamae, Sayuri
  • Kimura, Kazumi
  • Hara, Hiromitsu
  • Yoshida, Hiroki
  • Inoue, Shin-Ichi
  • Yui, Katsuyuki
Publication Date
Oct 19, 2019
Nagasaki university's Academic Output SITE


IL-27, a regulatory cytokine, plays critical roles in the prevention of immunopathology during Plasmodium infection. We examined these roles in the immune responses against Plasmodium chabaudi infection using the Il-27ra−/− mice. While IL-27 was expressed at high levels during the early phase of the infection, enhanced CD4+ T cell function and reduction in parasitemia were observed mainly during the chronic phase in the mutant mice. In mice infected with P. chabaudi and cured with drug, CD4+ T cells in the Il-27ra−/− mice exhibited enhanced CD4+ T-cell responses, indicating the inhibitory role of IL-27 on the protective immune responses. To determine the role of IL-27 in detail, we performed CD4+ T-cell transfer experiments. The Il-27ra−/− and Il27p28−/− mice were first infected with P. chabaudi and then cured using drug treatment. Plasmodium-antigen primed CD4+ T cells were prepared from these mice and transferred into the recipient mice, followed by infection with the heterologous parasite P. berghei ANKA. Il-27ra−/− CD4+ T cells in the infected recipient mice did not produce IL-10, indicating that IL-10 production by primed CD4+ T cells is IL-27 dependent. Il27p28−/− CD4+ T cells that were primed in the absence of IL-27 exhibited enhanced recall responses during the challenge infection with P. berghei ANKA, implying that IL-27 receptor signaling during the primary infection affects recall responses in the long-term via the regulation of the memory CD4+ T cell generation. These features highlighted direct and time-transcending roles of IL-27 in the regulation of immune responses against chronic infection with Plasmodium parasites.

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