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DjVu Document INSECTA MUNDI, Vol. 9,No.I-2,March-June, 1995 171 A new milliped genus of the family Chelodesmidae (Diplopoda: Polydesmida) from Cuba Antonio R. Perez-Asso Museo Nacional de Historia Natural. Academia de Ciencias de Cuba, Capitolio Nacional, Ciudad de La Habana 10200, Cuba, Abstract: A new genus and three new species of milliped ofthe family Chelodesmidae are described. Relationships with the genus Leiamadesmus Loomis, 1938, and Granm€ldesmus Perez AS80, 199Q, from Cuba are defined, and also with Biaporus Loomis, 1941 and Synecheporus Loomis, 1941, from the Dominican Republic. Introduction The diversity and abundance ofmillipeds of the famIly Chelodesmldae on the Island of Cuba IS considerable, The genera Amphelictogon Chamberlin, 1918, and Cuboctesmus Chamberlin, 1918, are widely represented in many different ecosystems and are characterized, first of all, by their large SIze, whIch makes fIeld collectmg faIrly easy, This, nevertheless, has not translated into an extensive collection of authoctonous chelodesmid millipeds, the species of which do not seem closely related to the before mentioned enera. n u a ese ceo esmi s are re res n ~e gen:;a Leio;odes~lls T;;ds, 1~8, ~d scribed, with 3 new,species closely related to Leiomodesmus and GTunmudesrnus reflecting tire high diversity of the group in Cuba Methods Measurement ofspeCImens (in millimeters) was made oftotall~mgthfrom the he ad to the apex ofthe epiproct, Width was taken at the seventh segment; mensural data are presented as mean (range). Repre sentation of color patterns is schematic. Gonopod microphotographs are made with a scanning miCI 0- scopeJEOLJSM-T330. Taxonomy Plicatodesmus new genus Diagnosis, Size small, less than 20 mm length, Dorsal surface convex, smooth, WIthout transver- sal furrow over the metazonite; paranota ..vithout teeth or marginal nodules; much reduced, anterior ones twisted downwards. Pore formula normal. 5, 7, 9-10, 12-13, 15-19; or unusuaL Males with a sexual modificat

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