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Acetate tape impression test for diagnosis of notoedric mange in cats

  • Sampaio, Keytyanne O;
  • de Oliveira, Lorena MB;
  • Burmann, Priscylla M;
  • Sousa Filho, Reginaldo P;
  • Evangelista, Janaina SAM;
  • Cunha, Marina GMCM; 70757;
Publication Date
Jun 01, 2017
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Objectives The aim of this study was to compare the sensitivity of acetate tape impression with skin squeezing and superficial skin scraping methods for the diagnosis of burrowing mites ( Notoedres cati) in cats. Methods Samples were collected from 50 cats showing signs of notoedric mange. The most affected region was selected for sampling using acetate tape impression with skin squeezing, and superficial skin scraping. Results No significant difference was observed in the number of mites found by both methods, regardless of the stage of development of the mite. The tests showed a high correlation to the total number of mites (r = 0.928). However, in two animals it was possible to confirm the presence of N cati only by the acetate tape impression test. Conclusions and relevance We conclude that the acetate tape impression test is a good method for confirming the presence of N cati in cats. In our experience, this technique is as sensitive as superficial skin scraping, even in animals presenting with a low infestation. Moreover, the technique is less traumatic and allows the collection of clinical specimens in more sensitive locations, such as the eyelids, lips and paws. / status: published

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