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Letter from John H. Edwards to Joshua Lederberg

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UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM 0 2 Institute of Child Health Telephone Edgbaston 5441 Director : PROFESSOR DOUGLAS HUBBLE. M.D.. F.R.C.P. Dr. J. l,ederberg, Department of Genetics, School of Eledicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, THE NLJFFIELD BUILDING, FRANCIS ROAD, BIRMINGHAM, 16. Nay 31st. 1965. i_)ear Dr. Lederberg, Please forgive my extreme delay in writing to thank you for the hospitality of your department and your F home in Farch. I very greatly enjoyed my visit, and have been very seriously considering your offer to come to s Q Stanford and to work primarily on the Iceland data from c.4 there. lrnfortunately my daily expectations of having adequate information about local events have not materialised, and I have heard nothing from Aberdeen, beyond hearing that I am on the short list, while the computer situation here remains hopefully nebulous, with the possibility of a 1440 by Christmas. -:owever , the lcelandic position is very good and I have just spent a week; with Cavatli Sforza, and return in July for two months. I think there are good prospects for doing extensive automated grouping on 5/ of the population per year, and ultimately getting the substanttil data on both linkage and disease susceptibil$ty in relation to specific markers in the same population. 3 should be able to make a more reliable prediction on feasibility in 'ieptember. With best wishes, Yours sincerely, (iiLL CJM. J. H. Edwards.

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