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Giant magnetoimpedance effect in NiFe/Cu plated wire with various plating thicknesses

Journal of Alloys and Compounds
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DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2004.09.024
  • Nife Alloys
  • Magnetoimpedance
  • Electrodeposition


Abstract In this study, the magnetoimpedance, MI, effect in NiFe/Cu wire with various plated NiFe thicknesses was investigated. The MI results showed that the frequency, where the maximum MI occurs, decreases with increasing plating thickness. During the plating process some parameters such as the plating voltage, pH, and the temperature of solutions were kept constant. It was found that the thickness of the plated NiFe layer changes with plating time and the obtained plated layers are approximately 1–2, 3.5 and 10 μm for 10, 60 and 180 min plating times, respectively. It was found that the NiFe film thickness had a significant effect on the magnitude and frequency dependence of the MI effect. The magnitude of the MI ratio under the H = 7400 A/m can reach about 750% for 180 min plating at 55 kHz driving current frequency.

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