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Accelerator devices at persistent software objects

  • Hoff, L.T.
  • Skelly, J.F.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1994
DOI: 10.1016/0168-9002(94)91494-X
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In the current “standard model” of accelerator control systems, the interface to accelerator equipment is implemented in a network component termed a front end computer. A front end computer system is being developed which provides access to underlying accelerator equipment via an abstraction termed an accelerator device object. Accelerator device objects support a standard set of operations which can be performed on them and contain all parameters necessary for controlling the underlying equipment. Accelerator device objects are realized as instances of C++ classes in software running in a real-time operating system, but exist independent of a particular task context and persist through system reset or power loss. This front end computer system is applied both to the development of a new control system for the RHIC project and also to the rejuvenation of an aged part of the AGS control system and its integration into the existing AGS Distributed Control System.


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