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Innovative management practices and their impact on local e-government performance: The Turkish provincial municipalities

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  • H7 - State And Local Government
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • O33 - Technological Change: Choices And Consequences
  • Diffusion Processes
  • O31 - Innovation And Invention: Processes And Incentives
  • Political Science


Contrary to popular belief which sees the government as reactive and resistant to change, the increasing emergence of innovative ideas particularly in the field of local services yielded a wide range of interactions. This was due to address new policy challenges, improve productivity, better serve and more fully engage a changing citizenry. Practicing new ideas triggered more innovativeness. The paradigm of NPM and later the phenomenon of e-government are well studied. However, the relationship among innovative management practices and their impact on e-government performances require a deeper understanding. Thus, our paper seeks to shed some light on this issue by exploring what type of local services were transformed online and at what level. Then, in accordance with the organizational dynamics of innovation, we developed hypotheses to inquire the impact of innovative management practices on local e-government performance of Turkish provinces. Mann-Whitney U statistics were carried out to find out which of the groups that were statistically significant different from one another. The results indicated significant findings. The provincial local governments which adopted innovative management practices tend to have higher local e-government performances.

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