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Care at the Close of Life: Evidence and Experience

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Layout 1 Book reviews498 sics of hormonal action and signal transduc- tion, the book is divided into five sections based on physiological systems. Each sec- tion contains chapters devoted to specific disorders affecting the system in question, including (1) the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis and thyroid; (2) the reproduc- tive system; (3) the metabolic system; (4) multi-system syndromes; and (5) bone and calcium. For each disorder, a terse review of normal physiology is followed by a detailed delineation of epidemiology, pathophysiol- ogy, clinical presentations, diagnostic tests, and treatment strategies that are often pre- sented in shaded boxes for quick reference. This clinically focused textbook is in- tended for medical students and residents who aspire to specialize in endocrinology. It is also useful for generalists because many of the conditions discussed are often first evaluated in primary care offices. Addition- ally, considering the changing demographics with the ongoing obesity epidemic, Harri- son’s Endocrinology is to be applauded for allocating substantial space to obesity and metabolic syndromes. Evaluation and man- agement algorithms accompanying every category of disease will prove invaluable in the clinical setting. Discussions of diagnostic tests and medications include up-to-date in- formation on efficacy trials and best practice guidelines. In addition, the question set in the appendix serves as practice for board exams. One of the characteristics that sets this book apart from other clinical manuals is its emphasis on genetics. This emphasis is probably derived from editor Larry Jame- son, who was a pioneer in identifying ge- netic causes for endocrine disorders. Almost every chapter contains a list of genes whose mutations are implicated in pathogenesis. It is a shame, however, that explanations of the functions of many of the gene products are limited to a minimum in the t

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