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Building and assessing the brand

Paradigmes: economia productiva i coneixement
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P5.ING_32a41_Oroval.qxp:N4 P5.ING_32a41_Oroval.qxp:N4 6/10/10 11:37 Página 32 Building and assessing the brand in the global economy Branding is based on two pillars: the company and consumers. The company creates the brand identity and consumers build its image, two concepts that require further explanation. Today, a brand needs to be created considering the context of the global economy as local consumers have access to brands of any origin and because the natural development of any brand leads to the global market in the long run. Brand valuation has been strongly pushed in the last two decades. Brand relational valuation is key for management, and economic and financial assessment is important for measuring the brand as an intangible asset, justify investment and negotiate acquisitions and licensing. JOSEP M. OROVAL P5.ING_32a41_Oroval.qxp:N4 6/10/10 11:37 Página 33 The pillars of the commercial brand: the company and the market The brand is strategic for any organisation. Reaching organisational goals largely depends on it. The ability of an NGO to raise funds and attract volunteers depends on the trust its brand conveys. The attraction of a sports club will determine the number of supporters and the amount of income raised from sponsorship, member fees and ticketing. The prestige of a brand of a research centre will facilitate seizing talent and project funding. In this article we will concentrate on companies, for which the brand means the possibility of providing a differentiated offer, having a customer base and raising its loyalty, capitalising marketing investment and raising income and benefit on a sustainable basis. Brands are important for consumers as they facilitate the choice of the product, save time and effort in the purchasing decision, are a quality assurance and a symbol of personal reassertion. For people, brands have some far and deep roots. We could say that people have always been using symbols to articulate their feelings of belongin

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