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A Bad Guy by Ki-duk Kim and the cinema as "image-text"

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  • 김기덕
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • 『나쁜 남자』
  • 『A Bad Guy 』
  • 이미지-텍스트
  • Image-Text
  • Design
  • Philosophy


The subject of this article is the consideration about the aesthetical aspect of the film by Ki-duk Kim. He is one of the young directors regardes attentively, at the same time, very disputable in Korea. The point of this article is notthe problem of the Feminism or the Violence but the possibility of the image-text. Ki-duk Kim is influenced by Pasolini (Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975)), Italian director, especially, by the theory and the formal style which Pasolini performed in his works. Therefore his film focuses on the narrative structure rather than the image structure. His film represents the instinct and the violence that exist in the other side of an individual and a society through the primitive and violent images. A Bad Guy (2002) referred in this article, also describes the characters that should live their life reluctantly considering the violent image. This article, specially, deals with his religious aspect. Because his film regarded the human life itself as the agony and tried to be released from this fate by another one contains the religious thought, that is, Buddhism. This article reveals the fact that his film pursues a retrogression as the signs of the protest against the society in that generation and at last eludes such a retrogression by the incarnation of the agony. In conclusion, judging the film by Ki-duk Kim to be uniquely the basis on the image text rather than on language text in Korea, I suggest that his film should represent the future of the Korean movie.

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