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Dynamic encryption method

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  • Disclosed Is A Method Of Transmitting A Data Set Using Encryption
  • Wherein The Method Comprises The Steps Of: Selecting A First Encryption Technique
  • Wherein Said First Encryption Technique Comprises A First Encryption Algorithm For Encrypting Plain
  • And A First Decryption Algorithm For On Provision Of A Specific Key
  • Decrypting Cipher Data And Reproduce Plain Data
  • Encrypting The First Data Package Comprising Plain Data
  • Using A First Encryption Program Implementing The First Encryption Algorithm Of Said First Encryptio
  • Creating A First Encrypted Data Package Comprising Cipher Data
  • Obtaining A First Decryption Program
  • And Transmitting Said First Decryption Program And Said First Encrypted Data Package To A Receiver
  • Wherein The First Decryption
  • Upon Provision Of The Specific Key And The First Encrypted Data Package
  • Will Decrypt The Cipher Data In The First Encrypted Data Package And Reproduce The Plain Data Of The


Dynamic encryption method - DTU Orbit (03/06/14) Dynamic encryption method - DTU Orbit (03/06/14) Dynamic encryption method. / Knudsen, Lars Ramkilde (Inventor). IPC No.: H04L9/00. Oct 28, 2011. Publication: Research › Patent – Annual report year: 2013

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