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Hydrocyclonage van baggerslib: een empirische studie van het slib in het zeekanaal naar Gent

Publication Date
  • Dredge Spoil
  • Belgium
  • Gent - Terneuzen Canal
  • Chemistry
  • Economics


Looking at an integrated harbour sludge treatment system, the splitting of the dredged sludge in two or more size fractions has been investigated as a first treatment step. Therefore, the physico-chemical characteristics of sludge samples taken from the Ghent-Terneuzen canal have firstly been determined. Further, the performance of hydrocycloning of this sludge has been measured on a laboratory and a pre-pilot scale. Volume reduction of the dredged sludge thus appears feasible, although the economical operation conditions will have to be determined from a better knowledge of the equilibria of the hazardeous components being present.

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