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Abel-Jacobi isomorphism for one cycles on Kirwan's resolution of the moduli space SU_C(2,O_C)

  • Iyer, Jaya NN
Publication Date
Oct 01, 2010
Submission Date
Oct 01, 2010
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In this paper, we consider the moduli space $\cSU_C(r,\cO_C)$ of rank $r$ semistable vector bundles with trivial determinant on a smooth projective curve $C$ of genus $g$. When the rank $r=2$, F. Kirwan constructed a smooth log resolution $\ov{X}\rar \cSU_C(2,\cO_C)$. Based on earlier work of M. Kerr and J. Lewis, Lewis explains in the Appendix the notion of a relative Chow group ( the normal crossing divisor), and a subsequent Abel-Jacobi map on the relative Chow group of null-homologous one cycles (tensored with $\Q$). This map takes values in the intermediate Jacobian of the compactly supported cohomology of the stable locus. We show that this is an isomorphism and since the intermediate Jacobian is identified with the Jacobian $Jac(C)\otimes \Q$, this can be thought of as a weak-representability result for open smooth varieties. A Hard Lefschetz theorem is also proved for the odd degree bottom weight cohomology of the moduli space $\cSU_C^s(2,\cO_C)$. When the rank $r\geq 2$, we compute the codimension two rational Chow groups of $\cSU_C(r,\cO_C)$.

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