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A comparison of bone matrix and tendon with particular reference to glycoprotein content.

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Bone matrix and tendon are compared in terms of their carbohydrate and non-collagenous protein composition. The collagen content of both tissues was similar (90-91%), but bone matrix had at least three times as much sialic acid (0.28%) as tendon (0.08%). Smaller differences were found in the analysis of hexoses and hexosamines. After digestion with bacterial collagenase, about 9% of the total protein from both tissues was non-diffusible on dialysis, and this contained only 0.15% (bone) and 0.7% (tendon) of the original hydroxyproline; recovery of sialic acid was 86-87%. The collagenase-resistant soluble material amounted to about 9% (bone matrix) and 5% (tendon); the insoluble residues were 1 and 4% respectively. There were clear differences in the carbohydrate contents of the digests, but the amino acid compositions were similar. When the soluble digests were chromatographed on DEAE-cellulose, the elution profiles indicated the presence in each tissue of a variety of glycoproteins and a proteoglycan fraction, and showed clearly that an acidic glycoprotein corresponding to bone sialoprotein was not present in tendon.

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