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Internal Market Problems. Commission communication to the European Council, 21/22 March 1983. COM (83) 144, final 15 March 1983

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rhe European Council session in Copenhagen On 3/4 December 1982 stated tha t the strengthening of the Common Market was a major component in a growth strategy based on reactivation of investment, and accordingly requested the Council to define its position by not later than the end of March 1983 on the priori ty measures proposed by the Commission for strengthening the internal market. 'l' he Council sessions on 1 February and 1 March 1983, devoted exclusively to the subject of the internal market , reached agree- ment 011 only about one- thi rd of these acknowledged priority measures. On two important sets of matters in the Copenhagen programme posi tions were no t adopted wi thin the time scheduled: the obstacles to agreement are listed in the annex. The Commission records wi th regret that the Council has thus not acted on certain important parts of the European Council' s instructions. As a result the European Council' intention of restoring the confidence of the economic sectors in the dynamism of :integration has not materialized. II. Only if the remaining issues are settled as speedily as possible and further substantial progress achieved in the matter of the internal market can the comprehensive strategy adopted by the European Council for overcoming the economic crisis be put into effect.. This beinE so, the European Council should: ... 1... (1) repeat with the utmost fir~less its Copenhagen instructions to the Council of Mini~terB to reach agreement on the Communi ty certificate for third-country products and the Commission proposals 'for easinv., customs formalities in intra-Communi ty trade wi thou t delay 5nd in any even.t by the end of June 19827; (2) request the Counci 1 to difin~ its posi tion by the end of June 1983 on the Commission proposals () the internal market in the Presidency s programme (3) as concerns modus operandi, request the Counci 1 to keep to the arrangement of special sessions devoted to internal market mat

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