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Controlled synthesis of PbS nanoparticles and the deposition of thin films by Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (AACVD)

Journal of Materials Chemistry
The Royal Society of Chemistry
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A series of symmetrical and unsymmetrical N,N-dialkyldithiocarbamatolead(II) complexes with the general formula [Pb(S(2)CNRR(2))(2)] where R(1) = Me, R(2) = benzyl (1), R(1) = Me, R(2) = heptyl (2), R(1) = Me, R(2) = octadecyl (3), R(1) = R(2) dioctyl (4), R(1) = Me, R(2) = Hex (5), R(1) = Me, R(2) = Me (6), R(1) = Et, R(2) = Et (7), R(1) = (n)Pr, and R(2) = (n)Pr (8) have been prepared and characterized. All these complexes were used as single source precursors to grow PbS nanoparticles by thermolysis in oleylamine at temperature as low as 60 degrees C; lower temperatures than previously used. Compounds (1)-(4) have also been used as precursors to deposit thin films of PbS by Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (AACVD). The crystal structure of (1) has also been determined.

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