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Letter from Stanley Peat to Joshua Lederberg

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  • Chemistry


From: Dr. S. Peat, F.R.S. Telephone SELLY OAK lIeI. Chemistry Department, THE UNIVERSITY, EDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAMJ~. 5th April, 1948. Dr. J. Lederberg, Department of Genetics, The University of i?isconsin, College of iL&riculture, Madison 6, ?ascoNsm, U. S. A. . Dear Dr. Lederberg, I am pleased to learn of your interest in the possible role of anhydro-sugar formation in galactose metabolism and would indeed be glad if I could assist you by the sqply of suitable anhydro sugars. Unfortunately, I have nothing more than small "nucleating" s_pecimens in my collection, our work on anhydro-sugars being a$ present in abeyance. I fi-,ar our specimens are smaller even than your minimum requirement of 0.2 gm. I feel sure however, that a s~,ppl.~~ of galactosan could be obtained from Professor C.S. iludson, whose work has contributed so much to this field of chemistry. Yours sincerely,

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