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Advanced trauma life support training for physicians and nurses: A pilot program

Journal of Emergency Nursing
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Abstract ATLS training is making dramatic inroads into the management of multiple-systems trauma patients. This course, sponsored by the ACS, is helping develop a common language between physicians at all levels of trauma care. We strongly believe that ATLS training should be offered to ED nurses as well, in recognition of the fact that they are intimately involved in the initial assessment and resuscitation of trauma victims. Our initial two efforts at piloting ATLS training for nurses together with physicians have met with unqualified success. Physicians and nurses alike have been enthusiastic in their praise, stressing the commonality of purpose that lies at the core of this program. Such a program openly admits the reality of the necessity for interdependence, for open communication, and for mutual respect between physicians and nurses. We hope that our positive experience and evaluation will help encourage the ACS to offer its course nationally to nurses along with physicians and perhaps even to provide nurses with official recognition of successful completion. We believe that such a joint program is the optimal way to improve the care of multiple-systems trauma victims in the crucial first hour.

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