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Giant enterolith in ileal diverticulum following ileoplastic bladder augmentation

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DOI: 10.1016/j.ijscr.2013.01.019
  • Abdominal Mass
  • Enterolith
  • Ileal Diverticula
  • Medicine


Abstract INTRODUCTION When adhesions, internal hernias, malignant intra- and retro-peritoneal neoplasms are excluded in patients presenting with new onset constipation and abdominal mass appearance after previous abdominal surgery, other causes must be considered. PRESENTATION OF CASE Giant enteroliths formed within ileal diverticula in the site of small bowel anastomosis may extrude and produce a palpable abdominal lump. Recent experience with such a patient is the basis of this report. DISCUSSION Ileal diverticula with interior enteroliths may be suspected in patients presenting with an abdominal lump following previous small bowel resection. CONCLUSION Open or laparoscopic assisted surgical resection of the involved segment is the treatment of choice.

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