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Aneurysmoplasty for a large abdominal aortic aneurysm

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Abstract A case of large abdominal aneurysm has been presented. The aneurysm involved the renal vessels as well as the bifurcation of the aorta. It was thought that excision would be hazardous. A plastic procedure performed on the aneurysm is described. The patient has been followed for 2 years and is entirely well, without evidence of expansion of the aneurysmoplasty. This procedure is advocated for those aneurysms in which excisional therapy is deemed unsafe, either because the patient is a poor risk or the aneurysm itself is so situated or is of such size that resection would be hazardous. This method is simple and safe and should be attended by a lower mortality and morbidity than resection and grafting. If long-term follow-up demonstrates that recurrence of the aneurysm is no more likely with this procedure than with excision and grafting, aneurysmoplasty should become more widely applicable. Since the writing of this report the senior author has performed an aneurysmoplasty on an aneurysm which was almost identical in size to the lesion reported here in a 67-year-old patient. This patient is well 2 months following operation.

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