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A preliminary Community programme for consumer information and protection. COM (73) 2108 final, 5 December 1973

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'lfl C!:~~l\l1Lr~/:JJ~~§§IOI~~ OF TJF]JB JBlTR_OPJEAN COr~1.fiiTJrTITIJ3S COM (73) 2108 Brussels, 5th Decemb~r 1'73 A PRELIHINARY COMMUNITY PROGRAMNE FOR CONSUMER IN£CRMATION AND PROTECTION ... . ~ ,.., './ .. ·: .. ; ··:· ( ·· .. ~ ·. ::. ·:: ... (submitted to the Council by the Commission) pwilkin Text Box pwilkin Text Box User Rectangle User Rectangle I S U M M A R ~ of A l?HELIMINARY COMMUNITY PROGRAMME FOR CONSU.l}1ER INFORMATION AND ·PROTECTION Summii;,caf.l (Qctober 1972!. :.for streng;htening.and coorP.inating action for cons~mer prq:tection reflects ptlp\11ar f~eling. Time to show human side of Community•s development. Consumer not.merely a user of goods and services but increasingly concerned with so~ial and environmental issues. - . . . ' Growing emphasis_on t~e quality of life. Need to recognize consumer righte to health, safety an'd redress (consumer protection and assistance); to be · cid.aquately informed and educated; to be heard (consumer repres~ntatiqn). Paper represents a first statement of co-ordinat~d consumer policy as a basis fdr .'~a ·dialogue with the Council 1 . to · b~ expanded and amended in the light of experience. A review of the economic background against which consumerism has evolved. II. THE EUROPEAN COHMUNITY AND CONSUM~8RS ( 13-25) ....... i:IG .. If.,.. .·=~~xr. ~--!~_&;· :, '. The legqtl ~ase for consumer action and a 'lsrief note of work already done, ~nder the headings ,: Harmonization of regulations go.verning p:r•oducts ( 17 1 widened choice of supplies (18); competition policy (19); Prices (20);_ consumer information (21). Reference is made to the former contact eommitt~e of consumers, the establishment of the Environment; and ·constinrer··Protectto:c. Service, the new Consumers' Consu,.~ tat,ive Committee. !and othex- :::con.sul tative committee. This section provides a conspectus of consumer needs unde~ the, following heads : 1. Consumer Protection ·(27-41.) (

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