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Etting family collection undated, 1755-1913

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  • Cohen Family
  • Gratz Family
  • Mears Family
  • Mickle Family
  • Miles Famliy
  • Myers Family
  • Poor Family
  • Solomon Family
  • Taylor Family
  • Simon
  • Joseph 1712-1804
  • Citizenship
  • Ketubah


The collection has been subdivided according to the individuals concerned as follows: Elijah Etting (1724-1778), a handwritten copy of his naturalization papers (1765), certified as being a true copy of the original by Frank M. Etting (1833-1890) (1854); Reuben Etting (1762-1848), a certificate of naturalization which indicates that he was present as a marshal at the proceedings (1803); Solomon Etting (1764-1847), a letter to Michael Gratz describing the difficult financial circumstances of Joseph Simon (1787), his ketubah for his second wife, Rachel Gratz, executed by Jacob Raphael Cohen and witnessed by Manuel Josephson and Benjamin Nones (1791), letters from his daughters Miriam and Richea (1800, 1817), and a check made out to the order of Solomon Etting and signed Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1830); Samuel Etting (1796-1862), and undated manuscript entitled, "Oldest Jewish Family in Maryland," (written between 1847 and 1862), a small leather-bound notebook with the title, "Etting's Family Record," on the cover, recording the genealogy of the Etting family and containing genealogical data on the Cohen, Gratz, Mears, Mickle, Miles, Myers, Poor, Solomon, and Taylor families (ca. 1860); Kitty (Etting) Cohen (1799-1837), a letter from Richea (Gratz) Hays and her daughters, Ellen and Miriam (1819), a letter from her aunt, Frances (Gratz) Etting (1819), and a letter from her mother, Rachel (Gratz) Etting (ca. 1821)

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