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Standarization of both rift valley fever cell lysate and supernatant antigens used in elisa comparing with Serum neutralization test and agar gel preciptation test.

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  • Animal Diseases
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To compare between different serological tests and in trial standardize both RVF cell lysate and cell supernatant antigens,1377 serum samples collected from different Egyptian Governorates from diferrent species (sheep,goat,cattle and buffalo)were tested for the presence of IgG and IgM percent using ELISA. The result ranged from 61.06:63.1 for IgG and 13.73:15.3 for IgM. ELISA, NI and AGPT results were higher from 1:4 months than 1:9 months.At the same time ELISA gave higher figure of sensitivity than NI and AGPT.

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