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Complete genome analysis of a rabies virus isolate from Brazilian wild fox

Archives of Virology
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  • Biology


The complete genome sequence of wild-type rabies virus (RABV) isolated from a wild Brazilian hoary fox (Dusicyon sp.), the BR-Pfx1 isolate, was determined and compared with fixed RABV strains. The genome structure and organization of the BR-Pfx1 isolate were composed of 11,924 nt and included the five standard genes of rhabdoviruses. Sequences of mRNA start and stop signals for transcription were highly conserved among all structural protein genes of the BR-Pfx1 isolate. All amino acid residues in the glycoprotein (G) gene associated with pathogenicity were retained in the BR-Pfx1 isolate, while unique amino acid substitutions were found in antigenic region I of the nucleoprotein gene and III of G. These results suggest that although the standard genome structure and organization of the RABV isolate are common between the BR-Pfx1 isolate and fixed RABV strains, the unique amino acid substitutions in functional sites of the BR-Pfx1 isolate may result in different biological characteristics from fixed RABV strains.

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