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Identification of the Escherichia coli recN gene product as a major SOS protein.

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The recA+ lexA+-dependent induction of four Escherichia coli SOS proteins was readily observed by two-dimensional gel analysis. In addition to the 38-kilodalton (kDa) RecA protein, which was induced in the greatest amounts and was readily identified, three other proteins of 115, 62, and 12 kDa were seen. The 115-kDa protein is the product of the uvrA gene, which is required for nucleotide excision repair and has previously been shown to be induced in the SOS response. The 62-kDa protein, which was induced to high intracellular levels, is the product of recN, a gene required for recBC-independent recombination. The recA and recN genes were partially derepressed in a recBC sbcB genetic background, a phenomenon which might account for the recombination proficiency of such strains. The 12-kDa protein has yet to be identified.

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