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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to R. Sargent Shriver, Jr.

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L ” March 27r 1963 Mrs. Sargent Shrive+ TImberlawn Edson Lame Rockvl I Ie, )3rryiand Dear Mrs. Shrivar: I wes happy to take note of the dinner in your honor, which is being heid in Sen Francisco on Friday, April 5. Unfortunetely other matters make it inconvenient for me to attend, but I hope that the occasion night still l iiow for an opportunity to take an hour or so of your time to discuss some of the progress we have been making towards the operations of the Kennedy Labora- tor les here. In addition, I thought you might be personai!y interested in some statfstits on the seasonri variatlon of blrths that we have been enaiysing, both wrth respect to the total population and to the patients in institutions for the mentaliy retarded. Would there be any posslbil ity of your visiting us in an informi way on Friday morning? Yours cordially, Joshua Lederberg Professor of Genetics JL:as P. s. I have to a&It to something of an ulterior motive tn suggesting thir conversation, as I thought it quite possible that you night be particuiariy interested in this ilne of investlgetion and it is one where, frankly, your personal Interest night be a very greet help in the mobfiirution of the necessary data.

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