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Changing the business model-6

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-075068425-5/50009-4
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Publisher Summary This chapter explores how the business model has migrated from being primarily geographically isolated entities trading with customers within the reaches of a nation's infrastructure to electronic marketplaces with no physical addresses. This is achieved in order to better understand the convergence as an organizational imperative. Security practitioners have a knowledge gap in understanding the threats the organization faces as fraud begins to occur in electronic programs. Records are changed and assets disappear, all inside the computer. As electronic enterprise expands and companies begin to leverage their electronic assets to communicate with customers in a completely virtual manner through ebusiness, their assets begin to change. It is noted that information is now traded online without a product ever being moved through the traditional supply chain. A firm can be doing business entirely without the traditional security practitioner being able to point a camera at any part of the transaction. Both the physical security and IT security industries have ramped up to develop high-tech solutions to the security risks their customers face.

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