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The Common Market: The period of transition. Opening remarks of George W. Ball before the 400th Meeting of the National Industrial Conference Board, Inc. New York City, 21 January 1960

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January 21, 1960 THE COMlvloN MARKET - THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION Openlng Remanks of George W. Ball Pantner , Cleany, Got t l leb, Steen and Bal l 4ootrr befone the Meetlng of the Natlonal Industr-lal Hotel Commodor"e New Yonk Clty Conf er.ence Board, Inc. If any of you had llved 1n New yonk 1n I-TBT and had ordered a load of cordwood from Connectlcut, the wagon drlver who hauled 1t would have been stopped at the New york bor.oer and made to pay a customs duty. r f , &t the same t1me, your wlfe had purchased some cabbages ln New Jersey, the farmer who banged them across the Hudson would have been met wlth a slmllar demand fon duty. rf 1n those days you had l1ved 1n the commonwealth of vlrglnla you would have thought twlce before patnonlztng other than your home state merchants; V1rgln1a lmposed the same customs dutles on goods lmponted from hen slsten states as on goods lmponted from across the s e a . This was the sltuatlon among the thiz"teen small Amenlcan states stnuggllng for a pnecanlous llvtng on the Eastern llttor,al of 'Uhls eontlnent, under" the Artlcles of Confedenation wc were on our way towards cneatlng a Balkan5.zed economy. Had the Foundtng Fathers per"mltted the states to : : i : l 1 2 dnlf t much farther as a loose Confederat ion, almost centalnly the pnessures of loea] self- interest would have hardened the obstacles to the free f low of trade lnto a nlgld tar l f f sys tem. But the Foundlng Fathens - who seem to thls nostalglc age so much more perceptlve than todayrs pol l t lc lans met thls trend head on. They necognlzed,, 1n t,he words of Alexander Hamllton, that "An unrestralned lntercourse between the States . . w111 advance the trade of each . . . lot only by the supply of neclpnocal wants athome, but for expontat lon to forelgn markets. " And ln draft lng the constl tut lon they put an end fonever to smal1 dlscrlmlnatony mankets on the sol l of

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