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Experimental study of effect of void volume fraction on neutron diffusion parameters in water

Radiation Physics and Chemistry
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DOI: 10.1016/s0969-806x(01)00613-2
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Abstract The dependence of the diffusion parameters including slowing down area, neutron diffusion length and migration length on the voided volume fraction in water has been studied experimentally. For this purpose, the PIEAS Neutron Transport Facility (PNTF) comprised of a 10 Ci Am–Be neutron source and a water filled aluminum tank with Perspex voided tubes has been designed and fabricated. A BF 3 detector was used for the neutron counting. The slowing down area was determined at the cadmium cutoff level. The diffusion parameters were determined first in the absence of voids. The experimentally measured values of the slowing down area, the diffusion length and the migration length have been found in good agreement with the corresponding values determined by other workers. By varying void volume fraction from 0% to 7.5%, the experimental measurements show a monotonic increase in the slowing down area from 58.71±2.6 to 71.28±3.2 cm 2, in the diffusion length from 2.95±0.13 to 3.11±0.13 cm and in the migration length from 8.21±0.165 to 8.99±0.169 cm. Our measurements show that the diffusion parameters exhibit a quadratic dependence on the void volume fraction.

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