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Catalunya, gresol demogràfic

Institut d'Estudis Humanístics Miquel Coll i Alentorn (INEHCA)
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Catalonia, a demographical melting Pot [TOMÀS VIDAL] Catalonia 15 a especial demogeographicall entitiy. lt is more than a region. Since it houses and comes from a large supraregional city, its demography is highly urban, which implies a decisive effect from migratory phenomena, Immigration especifically, on the structure and the dinamics of the population. The immigration has been so intense and complex that the use of the term <<melting pot>> appears as appropriate enough but, fortunately, it is also ambiguous, since it evokes a kind of Babel and, in fact, nothing is further from the truth.The very diverse Catalan society has a tendency to homogenization rather than to dispersion in cultural terms in general. The hundred thousands of people who arrived for the last years have not become assimilated or integrated in a way we could call perfectly adjusted to our scheme; they have simply got used to living in Catalonia at their own case without any sort of discrimination problems which are worth being commented. Now, at the beginning of a new and necessary immigration, perhaps more measured but at the same time <> it may be necessary, more than ever, that we analise the development of migratory processes, so that then, the citizens as well as the administrators of states, can learn from the previous experiences what must be done in order to perpetuate and consolidate the Catalan tradition of an enriching and non traumatic immigration.

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