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Development of a new German aircraft noise and performance database

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  • Hubschrauber
  • Musicology
  • Physics


Currently two databases for aircraft noise calculation are available in Germany. The first one is part of the German AzB aircraft noise calculation model; the second one is the international ANP database used by the ECAC Doc 29 / ICAO Doc 9911 model. Both databases have their advantages and disadvantages: The AzB database describes a source model that is strictly separated from the propagation model and based on spectral directivities. In contradiction, the acoustic part of the ANP is limited to NPD-data, i.e. to a concept with simplifying assumptions on source characteristics that combines sound emission and propagation. The aircraft performance part of the AzB database is restricted to simple “fixed point profiles” for standardized aircraft categories, whereas the ANP provides a sophisticated flight performance model with the capability to estimate “procedural flight profiles”. The development of a database that makes use of the advantages of the particular approaches of AzB and ANP is one target of MODAL. This project is carried out within the framework of the German Federal Aeronautical Research Programme. The paper describes the concepts of MODAL, the contributions of the particular project partners and the relationship to other aircraft noise research activities.

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